Our Approach

We often get asked how we work on a project. It can be a tricky one to answer because all projects have their own identity, but there are five common steps we always take to ensure we deliver an outstanding result for you.

Ultimately our goal through this process is to work closely and responsively with you to deliver an outcome you are excited by and happy with.

Here are the five steps we will always undertake

1. Initial meeting

Briefing — Defining the scope — Initial budget

This is about getting to know you, understanding what you are looking to achieve with your project, and discussing the options to deliver your desired end result. It’s about defining the work and the best way to deliver it for you. We will start talking budget at this stage as it’s important for us both to understand the potential resources available and potential costs involved. We like to be open about this right from the start.

2. Develop proposal

Outline process — Timeframes — Refine budget

Once we have a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve and your timeframe, we will start developing a plan to deliver it for you within the initial budget. We will then come back to you to discuss this plan and seek your feedback on our approach before we go any further.

3. Creative concepts development

Drafts to final concept — Finalise budget and timeline

Once the proposal is agreed, we then move to developing concepts for you – usually two or three creative options on how we can effectively deliver this piece of work. We will give examples of how the end result will look in each case and make recommendations on how best to deliver the right outcome cost-effectively. You then choose the final concept and we finalise the budget at this stage and agree the timeline for delivery.

4. Execution

This is where we get to work nailing the job for you in the required time. We will keep you posted on our progress and seek your feedback through this time to ensure we hit the mark. We can provide services including print and online management to ensure the job is executed as seamlessly for you as possible. You will be provided with final art or final collateral as agreed – on time, and on budget.

5. Follow-up

Feedback and tracking

We will follow up with you on how the job or project delivered for your business. We want to know. We like to build a successful long-term relationship with all of our clients, and to deliver work that helps your business grow.