You should know about JR…

Recently we have been following the works of JR and wanted to share some of his recent projects we’re loving!

Why we’re loving JR is for his ability to involve communities and create striking, engaging, real artworks that are fun, innovative and inspiring.

INSIDE OUT, is on ongoing project for JR since 2011. The People’s Art Project is a fascinating documentary tracking the evolution of the biggest participatory art project in the world, traveling the globe with JR as he motivates entire communities to define their most important causes with incredibly passionate displays of giant black and white portraits pasted in the street. Here’s a clip about the project Inside Out

This Instagram Video is a short clip showing a part of his Inside Out project at Lazarides art gallery, London. A must see if you’re in the area! For more infomation on this London showing and for your chance to win tickets to the Premiere, see

This link is to JR website – video page featuring a film created as part of the Inside Out project New York. In April 2013, an Inside Out Photobooth truck was installed on Times Square – 6,000 portraits of New Yorkers and visitors were pasted on the floor. Discover the participative movie that has been made.

Have a look around while you’re on JR’s website and we think you’ll agree he is definitely an artist to be following.

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