Signage Exhibition – Gold Coast

Signage Exhibition – Gold Coast

This project would have to be one of my favourites as I have always wanted to do sign writing and I can’t go past a beautiful, big sign on the side of a building. Having also lived at the Gold Coast where this stunning project was focused, it brings back so many great memories, as I’m sure it does for you if you have ever visited the Coast.

The Golden Sans Project showcases residential and urban signatures photographed by Art Director Andrew Suggit. The exhibition is currently showcasing in St Thomas Studio on Chevron Island on the Gold Coast from 13 March – 23 March 2014.

The Golden Sans Project’s website states:

“The project explores the regions place-making through the lens of typography. Type which has stood the test of time; type which has forged the identity of the Gold Coast, and type which is eternally etched into the memories of anyone who has spent time on the Gold Coast. Environmental elements, such as signage, have helped shape the image of the Gold Coast, to both residents and visitors alike. Hotel, motel and residential signage form the visual representation of The Golden Sans Project, and pay homage to the heritage of this city.

The Galleries will be launched weekly in alphabetical order.”

Visiting the Gold Coast it is hard to escape the signage which is iconic to the Gold Coast’s make up and vibrancy. The colours and typography along with the palm trees and sand are what makes the coast so unique. You will see a lot of iconic buildings featured in the exhibition such as the Pink Poodle and Pacific Fair.

You can check out the exhibiting works on the Golden Sans Project Type page and we have featured some of our favourites below. A book will be for sale on the Golden Sans website soon, so stay tuned for that!

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